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SPLASSH (Student Programs Like Aquatic Science Sampling Headquarters) is a socially driven network that crowdsources the condition of our waterways. Its mission is to inspire water conservation and we hope to achieve this goal by serving as a platform where students, citizen scientists, and researchers can post their water projects, be recognized for their contributions, and connect with other water investigators. SPLASSH will directly benefit the water community by disseminating findings and allow students and citizen scientists to become engaged stakeholders in their watershed.

Why water?

Water is a fundamental requirement of life, covers over 70% of our earth and is the most abundant molecule found in living things. We are connected to our watershed through the water we consume; the lakes, rivers, and beaches that we swim in and fish from, the goods that are transported through, and the energy that we depend upon in our daily lives. The condition of our waterways is crucial for our public health, environment and economy.

We are still developing SPLASSH, but you can check out our newly released version at http://SPLASSH.org.  We have recently rolled out a data and media feature, so please check us out. For more info, please visit SPLASSH at http://splassh.org