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Research Interests:

As an aquatic ecologist and educator, my research program focuses on engaging students and community partners in watershed studies. Adams has helped establish community-monitoring partnerships between universities, science centers, and high schools. Along with traditional field sampling techniques, teams of students have deployed simple, scaled down buoys that are capable of collecting continuous water quality data in order to learn more about the condition of their waterways. Adams also studies science literacy, focusing on the effect of data collection and manipulation experiences on learning in students. Most recently, Adams developed a web platform called SPLASSH (Student Programs Like Aquatic Science Sampling Headquarters, https://SPLASSH.org) that is designed to crowd source information about water (Patent Pending).

For more information about Adams, please see https://lisagadams.wordpress.com

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If you are interested in volunteering or taking part in research in the Adams’ Lab, please contact me.