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Please Note that this page is currently under construction.

Currently, I teach the following courses at KSU:

SCI 7724, which is an Environmental Science Course for graduate students in the MAT program at KSU.

BED 6660, which is a Teacher Practicum Course in the MAT program at KSU.

BIO 3110 (Directed Methods)

ISCI 2001, which is an Integrated Science Course that covers Earth and Life Science Concepts.

Courses that I have taught:

Environmental Science 1101 (KSU)

Environmental Science 1102 (KSU)

Integrated Science 215 (KSU) (no longer offered)

Seminar in Toxicology (KSU) (special topics course)

Biology 103 & 104 (KSU) (no longer offered)

Biology 1510 (Georgia Tech)

Ecology Lab – Supervised the Ecology Lab Teaching Assistants/Associates (Georgia Tech)

Georgia Tech 1000 for Biology Majors (Georgia Tech)

Courses that I taught as a Graduate Student at UCLA and SDSU:

Biology 5 (UCLA)

Biology 5L (UCLA)

Biology 10, Plants and Civilization (UCLA)

Human Physiology and Disease (UCLA)

Animal Diversity (San Diego State University)